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Whether new to computing or experienced, The Riley Hawkins Avengers Computer Literacy Program offers FREE help to students to develop a fundamental understanding of computers. The program help students learn the essential skills to begin computing with confidence, be more productive at home and at school, stay safe online, and use technology to complement their lifestyle.

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The Riley Hawkins Avengers Foundation provides students with access to reference tools, technology, and people who can help them with their homework. The Riley Hawkins Avengers volunteers assist students in grades K-12 with their homework and studies.
Homework help is available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5pm - 6pm.  During this time assistance is available in all subjects.

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Good Nutrition and exercise improve the function of the whole body in every way.  When a child misses breakfast, their chances to succeed in the classroom and later in life is drastically reduced. That’s why The Riley Hawkins Avengers is focused on increasing breakfast participation by providing FREE well balanced meals before and/or after instruction.

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Enriching field trips contribute to the development of students into civilized young men and women who possess more knowledge about life, art, have stronger critical-thinking skills, exhibit increased historical empathy, display higher levels of tolerance, and have a greater taste for discovering new things in life.

The Riley Hawkins Avengers Foundation provide FREE or subsidized field trips to places such as:

  • The UniverSoul Circus

  • Pioneers Camping and Fishing Lodge, Vienna, VA

  • Hershey Park

  • Canada

  • The Museum of Industry

  • The Great Blacks in Wax Museum

  • Six Flags Amusement Park

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Life is a product of choices.  The Riley Hawkins Avengers Karate Club provides guidance to always attempt to achieve the highest standards to make the right choice, no matter what the endeavor. We also mentor necessary interpersonal mental and physical skills to equip students to deal with difficult life situations.  The Riley Hawkins Avengers Karate Club teaches concepts of the Bushido code; “The greatest battle ever won is the battle that’s never fought.” The Riley Hawkins Avengers Karate Club’s mentoring personifies “the seven virtues of Bushido, which are:

  • ​Rectitude

  • Courage

  • Benevolence

  • Respect

  • Complete Sincerity

  • Honor

  • Loyalty

These virtues are a requirement to perform prior to
advancing in rank.



The Riley Hawkins Avengers Foundation teaches the importance of giving back to our communities.  Students are strongly encouraged to positively impact others by lending a helping hand when they identify a need to, without having to be asked.  Each year the students of the Avengers Karate Club must participate in the annual Thanksgiving Feed the Homeless Day, where students are required to serve dinner to each member of the surrounding community. 

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